So what is Eusoh?

Eusoh is a community-based, cost sharing service that’s the modern alternative to traditional insurance. Simple, right?

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Eusoh uses the power of technology and peer-to-peer sharing to create a new, simple, and affordable approach to how we care for our pets. We've seen how the sharing economy has transformed how we work, how we travel, and where we stay - why can't we do the same thing with how we care for our pets?

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Here are our promises to you


At Eusoh, we value our community and it's on display every day. We believe in full transparency - people should know exactly where their money is going and what it’s being used for. You should be free to choose who you share with and access to vets and other providers shouldn't be limited. Eusoh believes in more choices, better options, and freedom for all.

Here's how Eusoh started

You don’t have to be a doctor, patient, parent, or pet lover to know that the insurance industry has more than its share of problems. This was the frustration of our founder, Dr. Allen Kamrava. He started Eusoh in 2017 to cut through the inflated costs and other clutter plaguing the delivery of care. Allen is a surgeon and teaching staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

He attended UCLA, Temple Medical School, Fox Business School, and completed his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kamrava is a recognized thought leader in the realm of healthcare, insurance, and technology. You can find several of his articles published on Medium as well as on the Eusoh blog.

Allen Kamrava Founder & CEO

The Eusoh Team

Karly Doble CRO

Jason Blood Master of Engineering

Sam Bolland CMO

Gary German CFO

Joe Cayetano Marketing Ninja

Ari Simon Director of Operations

Our advisors

Jim Hutchin Risk

Andre Leb Distribution & Global Markets

Ari Mir Market Strategy

Sid Amster Strategic Funding

Bryan Lalezarian Operations

Avi Kalderon Technology

Join us on our journey to better care.

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Introducing Eusoh

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