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Get more coverage for less! Members of our cost-sharing
community have paid an average of $35-50 per month.

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Insurance is broken. Eusoh is your effective, community-driven alternative.

Get the peace of mind you and your pet deserve with a model that keeps your best interests at heart.


More coverage, less expense

We reimburse for nearly every type of care, including prescription medications and routine vet visits. Our members spend an average of $35-50 per month with a current maximum spend of $65. Similar levels of coverage from pet insurance companies can cost more than $120 per month.


Say goodbye to ever-increasing premiums

Insurance companies collect money from you every month then raise your premiums as you make claims to cover your pet's care. Our model is membership-based and designed to keep your costs as low as possible.


Invest in keeping pets well, not helping insurance companies profit

Rather than helping insurance companies profit, your funds help real pet parents care for their best friends. When it's time to seek care for your pet, community funds are ready and waiting to help cover your expenses.


Keep the vet you're comfortable with and get care on your terms

Unlike traditional insurance, there are no networks. You get to keep the veterinarian you're most comfortable with. Regardless of where or when you seek care for your pet, we reimburse 80% of your costs based on a national average that's adjusted for your local area.


Tyler Mobraton
(Member Since 2018)

"My dog Remi has just successfully completed his second TTA-2 surgery to repair a torn CCL. Eusoh has been very helpful throughout this process, especially the support staff. They have shown that they care for both Remi and I, and understand the financial burden unexpected vet bills can cause, especially expensive surgeries to repair things like torn CCl’s. They have been incredibly responsive, and have made what could be a very difficult process a lot easier."


Caroline Watson
(Member Since 2018)

"As a single mother and student, I am extremely grateful to have Eusoh for my adopted Oakland Animal Services dog, Fluff. When he was diagnosed with a torn CCL, I knew that I would be able to afford his care thanks to cost-sharing through Eusoh. Thanks to their great customer service, my daughter and I can rest assured that our baby will be ok!"


(Member Since 2018)

"Wow, I'm amazed with how Eusoh treats you. They have easy claims processing times. You pay $17 per animal which goes to Eusoh to maintain claims process and reimbursements the members don’t...you then share the cost with other members. The max you would pay in a month is $48! It can be lower (and usually is) depending on the claims for that month. Wellness is covered also which is rare. This is the way traditional insurance should be. Give it a try. I love the fact that I have peace of mind knowing my money is going towards real pet parents...and not a company that just takes your premiums and raises them year after year."

Here's how it works

Step 1

Sign up

Register for membership by sharing basic information about yourself and your pet and paying a $48 refundable deposit. If you have more than one pet, you'll register them separately and may qualify for our multi-pet discount!

Step 2

Get the care your pet needs

Pay for vet costs upfront, knowing you're covered for injuries, illnesses, check-ups, cancer, hereditary and congential conditions, surgery, prescriptions, and alternative or wellness care — basically anything that's not a pre-existing condition.

Step 3

Upload your receipt

Let us know about your veterinary costs. Simply take a photo of your receipt, then upload it to our online system.

Step 4

Get reimbursed for your pet's care.

We review your receipt and reimburse you. Our reimbursement rates are 80% of the national average cost for the service you receive, adjusted for your local area.

What our community covers

Eliminate tough decisions that weigh your pet's health against the high cost of veterinary care. Eusoh gives you the flexibility and support you need to do what's best for less.

Accident Only
Accident & Illness
Accident & Illness Plan
(+ Wellness)
Emergency Care
Orthopedic Issues
Hereditary Conditions
Prescription Medications
Routine Care
Average Monthly Cost
*average monthly spend
$16 $44 $80-120+

The bottom line on costs

We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly where your money goes each month.

$17 per month

Your low membership fee helps cover Eusoh's administrative costs


An average of $30-40 per month

These funds help cover care for pet parents in our community. When care expenses are low, you pay less. Even when costs are higher, the current monthly maximum is only $65 per month (including the subscription fee)!

Our members have saved 40-50% per year

compared to the average annual costs of traditional insurance plans.

Stop worrying and start saving

Make agonizing decisions at your vet's office a thing of the past with coverage that's truly there for you at a cost you can afford.

Get your questions answered!

Visit our FAQ page to learn even more about how we can support your pet's health.

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