How to Eusoh

Welcome to the new world of pet care. Here you will learn how our system works and what steps we provide to ensure transparency through the entire Eusoh process.

There is no card

When you see a provider, there is no Eusoh card - you just pay for services upfront.

It's not insurance

Remember you should never say you have "insurance" or "coverage". Providers may charge you more if you do.

Armed with knowledge

Use our database to research and compare providers, services, and medications before you visit a vet.

The best price on quality medication

Order your pet's meds through the links provided to save money!

KVSupply GoodRx

Pay what is fair

We have provided a handy services list you can reference so you know what the majority of people are paying and thus what you will be reimbursed. Get the best care for a price you can afford.

Secure and transparent

When you support and recieve support from your group, everything is transparent and secure. Know exactly where your pledge goes - to who and for what is is being used.

Accountability and trust

If something seems fishy, anonymously flag a member. We will engage an audit to make sure you and the group are protected.

Engage with your community

Connect with your fellow pet owners - share stories and advice about pet care, training, and get the answers to any questions you might have.

Join us on our journey to better care.

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Introducing Eusoh

We'll look into this.


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