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So how does Eusoh work?

Let us show you! In this video you'll learn about the genesis of Eusoh, the need it serves, and most importantly, how it works to serve YOU!

That sounds great, but how much does it cost?

We share costs after they’re incurred, not before. Our process has been verified by one of the biggest brokers in the business, and it’s automated, so we don’t pay for the big bureaucracies of old school insurance firms. It’s a perfect balance for people who don’t want to over- or under-pay for their pet care. Lets look at the numbers!


An initial one-time deposit is your pledge to the Eusoh community. This pledge is put into your digital wallet which will be used as needed when members encounter shareable expenses. When expenses are submitted, your group will share in that cost by drawing equal shares from each member's pledge account. At the end of each month, your pledge will be replenished to the original deposit amount. Eusoh will never touch this pledge as part of our profit.


This is the monthly fee we charge you to use the Eusoh platform. This monthly recurring charge is how we work for our members, finding the fairest and most efficient way to distribute costs across our community. It also lets us keep the lights on.

Monthly spend of Eusoh vs insurance

*This figure is based on average costs of pet insurance that include wellness plans for both cats and dogs. Real-world costs may vary.

**Example spend is only for informational purposes and in no way guarantees an average spend for members. These figures were generated using a proprietary model built to forecast potential outcomes when groups are sharing costs.

So simple to start

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It's simple and easy to do!
Set up
Register your pet and join or create a group. You only need 10 to start sharing expenses! You must wait 30 days before submitting your first expense. It’s how we keep your costs down and prevent fraud.
Take part
Bond with a community of like-minded pet lovers changing the future of pet care for the better.
Enjoy Eusoh
Get the peace of mind knowing care is there when you need it most. We've designed the process to be easy for everyone!
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Rest assured with Eusoh

Maximum Contribution
We’re good at math - you’ll never spend more in a month than your pledge - that’s a promise. Our system ensures the community will balance things out.
Fraud & Abuse
The Eusoh platform is running continuous reports, metrics & audits to ensure users are real, bank accounts are real, and charges are real.
Money going where?
You will see dollar-for-dollar where each your pledges go. There is no blind spending - know whom you helped, for what, and how much.
The Promise to Pay
Every member fills their pledge balance before they are active in the system. When something happens, the pledges are there to help.
Will there be enough?
Yes! Our model has been validated by one of the largest financial institutions in the industry. They ran over 100,000 simulations and proved the system works.
Your Provider?
There are no provider networks. See any provider you want, pay them, and get reimbursed. It's that easy!
What’s Shareable?
Just about everything that is unexpected. Check our services list to see what's shareable and about how much you can expect to be reimbursed.

We're an open book

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. So, if you’ve got more questions about how Eusoh works, read the resources below!

Frequently asked questions

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is a great place to get answers. When you see the many ways Eusoh beats the pants off ol’ insurance, it’s only natural to wonder how we do it.

See our FAQs

Eusoh explained by humans

If you want to read the fine print but don’t have a law degree, this is the page for you. We’ve translated the details of how Eusoh works into a fascinating format — plainspoken English.

See details for humans

Eusoh explained by lawyers

If you spent gobs of time and money getting a law degree, then you might as well put it to use here. In this detailed explanation of our inner workings, we’ve got all the hereins, not to exceeds, and heretofores you can handle.

See details for lawyers

Join us on our journey to better care.

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Introducing Eusoh

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