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So how does Eusoh work?

Share in the cost of care with your fellow groupmates. Our groups are like-minded pet owners just like you. Whether it’s your friends, family, or a new friend from states away, joining together ensures the best care for our furry friends. Join any group you want or start your own - it’s up to you!

Here’s how Eusoh can help with your next bill:

Use the dropdowns to see how getting reimbursed with Eusoh works for you!

My had a vet visit for and it cost $000.00. With my Eusoh community I was reimbursed $000.00.

* Reimbursement based on meeting yearly $250 initial out of pocket.

Here's what's shareable

Got questions on what's shareable within the Eusoh system? We've got answers!

Service Shareable
Injuries Yes
Illness Yes
Routine Check-ups Yes
Cancer Yes
Hereditary Conditions Yes
Congenital Conditions Yes
Surgery Yes
Prescribed Medications Yes
Alternative Treatments Yes
Wellness Care* Yes
Spay/Neuter No
Declaw No
Ear Crop/Tail Dock No
Pre-existing Conditions** Yes

Please see full services list in your dashboard for more details or specific services.

*No dental cleaning, grooming, or nail trimming.

**We leave pre-existing conditions up to the group. Members may request to join as many groups as they wish or create a group of their own. Groups become active once they have 10 pets in the group.

What does it cost?

$48.00 deposit.
We don't have monthly premiums. Instead, each member holds a pledge of $48 in a private and secure digital wallet, where small amounts can be drawn upon when expenses are submitted to the community. If needed, you’ll refill the balance to $48 at the end of each month. Members will never contribute more than $48 in a month, and most of the time, it will be much less (EVEN ZERO SOME MONTHS).
$10.00 a month.
A $10 monthly subscription fee. This fee pays for your access to our platform and is the only money used towards Eusoh’s operating costs.

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