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The stats are staggering

Every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of over $3,000. Decisions about the life, health, and safety of your beloved pet shouldn’t rely on whether or not you can afford treatment. These decisions are never easy - but with Eusoh they can be. Here’s a quick informational guide to show how Eusoh works to protect your pet at a cost you can afford!

The finer details

What is my initial out of pocket?
Your initial out of pocket is the amount you must spend on your own costs before your group can share in expenses. Your initial out of pocket is $250.
What is my member share?
Your member share is 20%. That means that you are responsible for 20% of any expense that you submit to the system. The group shares the remaining 80%. It’s that simple.
What is the maximum reimbursable amount per year?
In a year, the maximum amount you can be reimbursed is $8500.
Can I still use my vet?
Absolutely! With Eusoh, there is no “network” of providers to worry about.

Here's a real-life example

Your dog swallows a grape and you pay a bill of $1000. Here’s how Eusoh helps you. After your initial out-of-pocket of $250 and your member share of 20%, the Eusoh community kicks in to reimburse you $600. The next month, your dog has a small skin infection. That cost of treatment is $350. Since you have already paid your initial out-of-pocket, you only pay your member share of 20% and the rest is shared by your group. That’s a savings of nearly $1000!

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What is reimbursable?
Check out our services list if you have any questions regarding an upcoming expense. Just remember, you have to wait 30 days from your initial sign up to submit expenses.
How do I get reimbursed?
Upload a picture of your invoice and receipt. Our systems will calculate how to share it and you will get reimbursed directly.
Is there a waiting period before I can submit an expense?
Yes, you must wait 30 days from your initial sign up before you can submit an expense and that expense has to have occurred after the waiting period ends.
What happens if groupmate leaves early?
Should a member not fulfill his or her year-long commitment, their $48 deposit will be used for their group’s future expenses.
So I get monthly expenses from others?
Yes, you will share expenses with your groupmates and support other community members. Every Eusoh member has a shareable portion that is reflected on their monthly bill. Remember, this will never exceed $48 and is usually much lower. This amount goes only to help others in your community and Eusoh never touches it.

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