What is eusoh?

Eusoh is a community-based, cost sharing service that’s the modern alternative to traditional insurance. Simple, right?

How do you say that again?

Eu (you) means good, soh (so) means social, and it comes from the term eusociality. If the word eusociality is Greek to you that’s because it’s Greek to everyone. It’s an old timey term scientists still use to describe the highest level of social organization in nature. Which is pretty much what we do at eusoh—organize things a bit more naturally. It’s also pretty fun to say and sounds nothing like insurance.

How it started

You don’t have to be a doctor, patient, parent, or pet lover to know that the insurance industry poses more than its share of problems. This was the frustration of our founder, Dr. Allen Kamrava. He started eusoh in 2017 to cut through the inflated costs and other clutter plaguing the delivery of care. Since then, he's brought together a talented and dedicated team who are all hard at work every day to make the dream of eusoh into a reality.

There is no "I" in eusoh

Joe Cayetano Marketing Ninja

Monica Christopher Nerd Queen

Ari Simon Special Ops

Jason Blood Master of Engineering

Mike Teitelbaum Visual Alchemist

Allen Kamrava Founder & CEO

Sam Bolland CMO

Karly Doble CRO

Gary German CFO

Our advisors

Jim Hutchin Risk

Andre Leb Distribution & Global Markets

Ari Mir Market Strategy

Sid Amster Strategic Funding

Bryan Lalezarian Operations

Avi Kalderon Technology

Our pet peeves

Anonymous people
Ginormous “risk pools” of people we’ll never know is what passes for the community at big insurance companies. At eusoh, the community is both a core value and on display every day.
Secret plans
There is no “behind the scenes” at eusoh because, unlike insurance firms, we believe in full transparency. People should know exactly where their money is going.
Inflated costs
At eusoh, we don’t mandate margins or suck up to shareholders. We know that market pricing drives down costs for everyone just as it improves the quality of care.
Mandates and restrictions
Your group shouldn’t be assigned or come with strings attached. Access to vets and other providers shouldn’t be limited. We want more options, choices, and freedom for all.

Join us on our journey to better care.

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Introducing eusoh

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