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What's Eusoh?

It's a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet's medical, wellness, illness, and routine care expenses.

Why is Eusoh better than regular pet insurance?

  • 1Affordable & Fair Pricing
  • 2No Rising Premiums
  • 3No Networks
  • 4No Paperwork
  • 5Fully Transparent
  • 6Community-Based

Coverage Comparison

Why is Eusoh the Better Option?

Eusoh's community sharing plan offers coverage for almost any kind of health expense pets could ever have, including wellness visits, and all at a fraction of the price. Members have saved over 50% compared to traditional pet insurance plans.

What's Included eusoh-logo Trupanion Nationwide Healthy Paws Petplan
Hereditary conditions
Chronic conditions*
Illness/Injury exam fees
Hip dysplasia
Comprehensive periodontal disease
Prescription medications
Alternative therapies
Preventative care*
Office visit/exam fees
Spay/neuter procedures
Waiting period 30 days 30 days 14 days 15 days 15 days

*Please see our website FAQs for non-reimbursable expenses

Why offer a pet plan to your adopters?

  • 1 Receive donations for each referred pet owner.
  • 2Provide an affordable pet health plan for your adopters, it gives them confidence and peace of mind!
  • 3Prevent the return or euthanization of animals!

2 in 3 pets will have a significant health expense in their lifetime at costs that can quickly spiral out of control. This can create turmoil in your clients' financial lives and could significantly affect your job opportunities.

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Why do rescues work with us?

$40 referral donation for each new pet owner

FREE subscription for staff and regular volunteers (up to 2 pets/owner)

Adopters get a 2-month FREE subscription to Eusoh

Multi-pet discounts are available to anyone

Build a caring community with your adopters

A dedicated Eusoh representative will help answer any questions


A case study with Wags & Walks

  • Wags & Walks is one of the most respected rescues in the Los Angeles area.
  • Wags & Walks partnered with Eusoh to build their own Wags community group. All the staff of Wags is part of the community and they wanted to show their adopters they stand by their pets.
  • They can see what is happening with their pets going forward and stay connected with their adopters.
  • There are already over 100 dogs in their own community group and it continues to grow each week!
  • As a result, we have been blessed to contribute over $5000 in donations to their shelter as a result.

What people are saying about Eusoh?

kathryn-lee quotation

Eusoh provides a reliable resource for our adopters to protect their pets. All rescues should have access to fair and comprehensive coverage and Eusoh provides it! The Eusoh team is always willing to support our staff and talk with adopters. Eusoh makes it easier for some people to consider adoption, as well!

KATHRYN HURLEY — Development Director, Wags & Walks

fluff quotation

As a single mother and student, I am extremely grateful to have Eusoh for my adopted Oakland Animal Services dog, Fluff. When he was diagnosed with a torn CCL, I knew that I would be able to afford his care thanks to cost-sharing with the Eusoh community!

CAROLINE WATSON — Dog Mom of Fluff

Here's what we can provide you:

  • Digital brochures and whitepapers
  • Physical brochures. We can mail them to you!
  • Your own personal Eusoh website
  • Verbiage for your social media posts
  • Verbiage for your newsletter or blog articles

Spread the word about Eusoh and help give our furry friends the care they deserve!


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