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Insurance companies hide behind a curtain of complexity. Eusoh makes paying for care fully transparent and remarkably easy.


Paying expensive premiums can feel like your money is going down the drain. Eusoh puts your deposit towards care, not profits.


Insurance companies create huge pools of people we'll never know. With Eusoh, you choose the pets and owners you're helping.

Eusoh is different

As a Eusoh member, $58 is the most you will ever pay in a month to support your subscription and community.
There are no premiums - only share expenses when they happen!


Make an initial $48 deposit to secure your membership and request permission to join a group.


Just snap a picture of your invoice and upload it to our system for reimbursement. It's that easy!

Eusoh is a better alternative

Insurance is complicated, costly, and confusing, so we've developed a simpler and cheaper way to help loving pet owners build communities to share the cost of accidents, diseases, and preventative care. Eusoh (you-so) is different, let us prove it!

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What is Eusoh?

Eusoh is the only premium-free, subscription model to share expenses. Hear why we’re different and why our interests align with yours.

Our partners

Our partners are recognized worldwide as leaders in their respective industries.

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Introducing Eusoh

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Help your friends save money and give your pets the protection they deserve. Spread the love!

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We are so confident that Eusoh will save you money and protect your pet by joining our community that we’re going to offer Eusoh at the best possible price - Free.

It’s as easy as feeding your pet. All you have to do is sign up and join a group. We will waive your first 4 months of subscription fees as well as your initial $48 pledge.* Pretty cool, huh? It's just our way of saying thank you for believing in our vision of extending affordable, transparent care to everyone we love!

*Discounts applied to first pet only. Limited time offer.