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Share unexpected costs using the power of community.

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Adjective eu·so·cial \ yü-’sö-shel (from Greek ɛü eu "good" and social), the highest level of organization in animal sociality

What is Eusoh?

Eusoh is a new cost sharing platform that uses the power of community and technology
to create an affordable and efficient alternative to insurance

Why is Eusoh Better?

  • Eusoh is NOT insurance.
  • Eusoh cuts out the middle man, reducing costs and red tape.
  • Our community is there whenever the unexpected happens.
  • Crowd-sharing keeps spending down.
  • All for a small flat fee - no premiums!

It's that simple.
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How It Works?

Protected Together.

Eusoh is the smartest alternative to insurance.
Starting with VetCare.