The care we share. Starting with pets.


Insurance companies hide behind a curtain of complexity. Eusoh makes paying for care fully transparent and remarkably easy.


Expensive premiums are a proven method to make insurance executives rich. Eusoh puts your pledges toward care, not profits.


Insurance companies create huge pools of people we'll never know. With Eusoh, we choose the pets and owners we're helping.

Let's outsmart insurance

Insurance is complicated, costly, and confusing, so we developed a better way. Eusoh (you-so) helps loving pet owners build communities to share the cost of care.

How it Works

What is eusoh?

Hear from our founder and key members of the eusoh team about how eusoh is completely different than anything that's come before.

Eusoh is different

Insurance companies manage risk, making big profits from collecting and storing money. We don't benefit by raising rates and passing the buck on to our community. Instead, we help members share costs with their group and save money on their total cost of care.


It’s 100% free to sign up! You only pay $10 a month when your group starts sharing the care. Compare that with monthly insurance premiums, often 4-5 times as much.


Our members maintain a pledge account of $60 in a secure and private digital wallet. Eusoh evaluates reimbursement requests and draws modest amounts only when needed.


When our pets need care, Eusoh is here to help. Simply submit a reimbursement request and our community kicks in.

  • “I can pay hundreds of dollars for insurance I hope to never use or I can pay less to join Eusoh and know where that money is going.” Michael Akiva

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