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Eusoh is NOT pet insurance.

It's much better.

It's a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for
your pet's medical, wellness, illness and routine care expenses.

Revolutionizing Petcare

Eusoh was founded to not only offer the BEST community coverage money can buy...we also wanted to revolutionize the healthcare industry by eliminating the need for expensive and unreliable insurance programs.

Worry-free expenses

You shouldn't have to worry about coming up with thousands of dollars to cover the numerous wellness, illness, or medical expenses you might be faced with over the course of your pet's life.

The Problem with Pet Insurance

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For millions of years, we lived in tribes.

If you got sick, the members of your tribe would band together and care for you… no questions asked.

This system worked. It's the system that allowed us to survive for millions of years.

Then one day, insurance companies came along.

They were formed with the best intentions. They really were. But, somewhere along the way… insurance became a confusopoly.

Isn’t it weird that no one really knows how much medical procedures SHOULD cost?

Isn’t it strange that person A and person B will BOTH be charged different prices, just because they have different insurance plans?

Something’s fishy.

The modern insurance system purposely keeps people in the dark, so THEY can profit.

The more your insurance company can bill your doctor, the more money they can charge you… and the more money they make.

Insurance companies can only make money one way:

They HAVE to keep raising the cost of procedures, because that’s how they make their money.

Insurance companies collect money from their customers. All of that money goes into a "premium pool." And they’re legally allowed to take a percentage of this premium pool for profits.

So… it’s easy to see why they want the cost of procedures to go up. The more a procedure costs, the more money they can collect to add to the premium pool. And the more they’re legally allowed to skim off the top.

So, how do we make money?

Eusoh does NOT make money skimming profits from a premium pool.

While insurance companies make money by upping the cost of healthcare… Eusoh ONLY benefits when costs go DOWN.

That’s because we only make money from member dues, not from premiums.

We don’t collect, hold, or skim profits from a premium pool, like insurance companies do. In fact, we don’t hold your money in a premium pool at all.

Eusoh collects a small membership fee so we can keep our lights on and keep growing.

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The rest of your monthly payment goes to REAL pet parents… people just like you.

Thanks to technology, Eusoh is operated by a peer-to-peer health sharing system. That means medical costs are shared across all users in our community.

Your money goes directly to other pet parents in need. And it goes to you too… whenever you have a medical expense you’d like to be reimbursed for.

Eusoh does better when costs are lower. Because as medical costs become lower for our members… the more new members we’ll attract.

Our motivation as a company is to drive costs down.

Insurance companies can only survive by charging you, the doctors, and healthcare facilities more and more each year. They collect your money up front, pay out as little as they can and then pocket the rest. We don’t do that.

We, as a company, can ONLY grow from making our service more competitive… and giving the best possible community coverage to as many people as possible.


With every new user we get...the strength of the community increases.


How are we different?

Eusoh's community health plan offers comprehensive coverage for a fraction of the cost of a traditional insurance policy.

With Eusoh, you'll never pay more than the monthly max. No more rising premiums!

And, with Eusoh...you'll also get reimbursed for wellness expenses and routine veterinary visits at no additional cost!

When you compare Eusoh to most pet insurance plans, we're able to offer community coverage for much less!

Traditional Pet Insurance

Monthly Fee Contributed to Care Insurance Fee
$80 ??? ???
Total 6-month Cost: $480
See what our members actually paid!
  Eusoh Fee Contributed to Care Monthly Payment
March 2021 $17 $37.72 $54.72
April 2021 $17 $35.51 $52.51
May 2021 $17 $42.78 $59.78
June 2021 $17 $39.78 $56.78
July 2021 $17 $34.66 $51.66
August 2021 $17 $43.04 $60.04

Total Average Cost:


Total Saved:


How does it work?


Step 1

Go to your vet.

Pay a visit to your trusted veterinarian.


Step 2

Pay for your services.

When you go to the vet, you'll pay for services upfront and submit your invoice and receipt to the Eusoh community for reimbursement.


Step 3

Submit a receipt.

Simply take a photo of your receipt showing the total expenses.


Step 4

Get reimbursed.

Your reimbursement amount is based on national average pricing plus a variance to account for differences in pricing across the country.


Here's why our coverage is better than insurance!


Better Coverage


Totally Transparent


Unlimited 24/7 Televet


No Networks


Easy Reimbursements


Access to Community

What's included in our community coverage?

Here's what you will get reimbursed for when you join Eusoh today:






Annual Checkups




Hereditary Conditions


Congenital Conditions




Prescribed Medications


Alternative Treatments


Wellness Care

NOTE: Spay/Neuter, Breeding, Grooming, Supplements, Food, and Pre-existing Conditions are NOT covered by the community.

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